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Are Regulation A+ Offerings Getting Qualified by the SEC? You Bet!

By now, we all realize that Regulation A+ equity offerings serve as a real option for companies considering going with a traditional IPO to eventually lead to a listing on an exchange. With Reg.A+, the upper limit for a Tier 2 Reg.A+ offering is $50 million per company per year. That’s a substantial amount of money, so you can imagine the process doesn’t happen overnight. These Reg.A+ deals must be qualified by the SEC, and that takes time. As such, a question we often get is “is the SEC actually qualifying these deals or is Reg.A+ just a pipedream?”

sanzWe can tell you from experience that the answer to that question is a resounding YES, Reg.A offerings are absolutely being qualified! In fact, Florida-based Sanz Solutions provides actual proof as they just released a press release saying they have launched their Regulation A+ Tier 2 SEC qualified offering.

The press release can be viewed here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sanz-solutions-inc-launches-regulation-133000602.html

Sanz Solutions, Inc. offers shared service solutions for small businesses that provide routine services for residential and commercial clients specifically focused on the janitorial, cleaning, lawn care and maintenance industries. As you can see, Regulation A+ can work for just about any industry – maybe even yours! Perhaps a no-obligation consultation is in order? Contact us today for more info and a strategic roadmap to success.

When you have a real company, patience, dedication, and collaborate with industry experts that understand the whole Reg.A+ process, that’s all you need to successfully have your Reg.A+ offering qualified by the SEC… Proof positive!