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Are You Crowdfunding to Raise Money for Your Business? STOP THAT RIGHT NOW and Read This

You’d have to live under a rock not to realize that crowdfunding has become hugely popular for companies and individuals seeking to raise money to start or grow a business. Most start off with the popular crowdfunding websites that we’re probably all aware of by now. But what most don’t know is there are better options out there for you to consider that absolutely blow away crowdfunding as most understand it today.

regaipoRegulation A+ crowdfunding has made it possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes to raise money that makes huge amount of sense for both the company and the investors who place their money into the deal. Before Reg.A+, only institutional and “big boy” investors were made privy to these types of deals. Now, both accredited and non-accredited investors can take part (and that probably means you – the person reading this right now)!

Why? You can raise up to $50 million dollars. You can offer real stock to your investors and not just silly trinkets that are currently offered on most traditional crowdfunding platforms. Although the process to get going is not cheap, you can “test the waters” which means you can test your offering to see if people are interested in investing in your deal without spending a dime! That’s a great way to cut down on failure rate. AND, you keep control of your company at all times through the entire process.

However, the process is a bit tricky for those not familiar with the inner workings of Regulation A+. That’s why we set up the Reg.A+ Funding Group. We consult and guide you every step of the way which will greatly increase the success potential of your offering.

Quite frankly, if you desire to raise money for your business – whatever the industry or company size – you owe it to yourself to contact us. We literally cringe when we read stories online about companies NOT using Reg.A when the end result of a Reg.A+ offering is head and shoulders better than anything that can be achieved by the crowdfunding “giants” you see advertised online.

STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! I’m not kidding. You need to go Reg.A+! We’ll show you how!