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Is a Regulation A+ Offering an IPO?


The answer to the “Is a regulation A+ offering an IPO” question is NO! It is certainly NOT an IPO – but it is similar in that it’s a viable means of raising capital for your business with the possibility of taking your company public on a major exchange such as the NASDAQ or NYSE. We’ve just […]

PODCAST: How CrowdfundX’s Artif...


RegAMoney.com:  (View Press Release) On the very day medical-robotics maker Myomo successfully completed its historic Reg.A+ IPO to the NYSE, CrowdfundX CEO Darren Marble appeared as a guest on the “Reg.A Money Show” to discuss how his company was able to create “the crowd” for Myomo, basically from scratch! Listen how Darren explains exactly how […]

PODCAST: What Types of Businesses Sho...


RegAMoney.com (read press release here): Regulation A+ Offerings are becoming “mainstream” as the word is out that many companies who have chosen this route have already been qualified by the SEC and ready to take money. But Reg.A+ is not for everyone. In this podcast, we go over 8 types of business markets where companies […]

You May Want to Consider Regulation A...


Is Regulation A+ crowdfunding a fit for your company? As you know if you’re a regular listener to the “Reg.A Money Show”, Reg.A+ is not for everyone. However, Regulation A+ offerings are becoming very popular and more and more companies are at least looking into the possibility of going the Reg.A+ route rather than jumping […]

PODCAST: Regulation A+ vs. Regulation...


RegAMoney.com (view press release here): Anyone looking to access the capital markets knows all about traditional IPOs and other tried-and-true means of raising money. But with the advent of crowdfunding, specifically equity crowdfunding, many other options come into play. Listen to “Regulation A+ vs. Regulation A vs. Regulation D vs. Other Means of Raising Money […]

How the New Compliance and Disclosure...


The Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued new compliance and disclosure information with respect to Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding, which include amendments to increase the amount of money companies can raise through crowdfunding among many others. The four main points regarding Regulation A+ are very technical and include the following: 1) Item 182.16: The SEC […]

Real Estate Investors and Developers ...


The Real Estate industry is an allowed type of investment asset for Regulation A+ offerings. In fact, because of people’s familiarity with what real estate generally is and the returns it can potentially generate, it’s not only allowed, but it seems to be the go-to area of Reg.A+ investor interest. Why Reg.A+? Because it’s the […]

PODCAST: How to Qualify Your Regulati...


RegAMoney.com (view press release here): As all Regulation A+ issuers know (or should know), every Reg.A+ Offering must be qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). That process does not happen overnight as there are plenty of moving parts and steps that issuers must go through, which is why many issuers work with industry […]

PODCAST: Regulation A+ Endgame: Requi...


RegAMoney.com (view press release here): The Reg.A Money Show continues to provide relevant Regulation A+ information to businesses and investors with their latest podcast addressing perhaps the most important aspect of a Reg.A+ deal: the endgame, which many times results in an OTC markets listing. Listen to the Part 1 overview here: Listen to “Regulation […]

Are Regulation A+ Offerings Getting Q...


By now, we all realize that Regulation A+ equity offerings serve as a real option for companies considering going with a traditional IPO to eventually lead to a listing on an exchange. With Reg.A+, the upper limit for a Tier 2 Reg.A+ offering is $50 million per company per year. That’s a substantial amount of […]