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Elio Motors Using Regulation A+ to Launch $25 Million Dollar Stock Sale

Is Regulation A+ crowdfunding for real or is it just a pipe dream? Ask Elio Motors, who is using it to raise $25 million dollars after getting the okay from the SEC to move forward with Reg.A Paper via the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act.

Elio-P4[1]It’s mind boggling why more companies aren’t doing this! It’s probably because they have no idea the program even exists. Once Elio Motors realized the possibility was there for a successful raise during its “testing the waters” phase, they knew they had tremendous interest from potential investors. In fact in this particular scenario, their “testing the waters” phrase drew more than $45.6 million in investor money, over 180% of their investment goal!

Wouldn’t your company like to be as successful?!? Well, who says it’s not!? If people believe in your project and you have a compelling story to tell, Regulation A+ may be the way for you to go – and the Regulation A+ Funding Group can help.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell: Test your own waters during a pre-determined time period for investors to show interest. If the results are positive, run an exclusive window to get these investors on board, then open your offering to the general public if you haven’t met your desired goal. That’s exactly what Elio Motors did, and your company can do the same.

The best part of Regulation A+ is it allows your customers to be your evangelists, regardless of whether they are accredited investors or not. Historically, non-accredited investors have been left on the sidelines for many investment opportunities, such as Initial Public Offerings and venture capital. Regulation A+ opens more investment opportunities for everyday people.

Now you know the product is out there. It’s up to you to take action. Elio Motors is a real world example of such a program working. Maybe yours is next? You won’t know unless you contact us today for a confidential consultation to see how our services can successfully guide you through the entire process.