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JOBS Act Regulation A+ Sweet Sixteen Crowdfunding Projects Currently Available for Investments

Since Regulation A+ kicked into gear a few months back, companies are slowly getting on board with the opportunity. In fact, in a stunning reversal of fortune, funding raised via Reg.A+ and crowdfunding in general is expected to surpass venture capital funding in 2016. That’s huge, and underscores how seriously the capital raising market has evolved in such a short period of time.

regagrowthReaders of our IPOtogo blog and fans of the Reg.A+ Funding Group know how Regulation A+ has become such a game-changer! We’ve been urging companies looking to raise money to look at this opportunity for quite some time now. And we were right! Gone are the days of the traditional IPO raise – make room for the everyday, non-accredited investor! Finally! Regulation A+ rules allow nearly anyone to invest in a wide range of companies, from real estate to transportation, to even medical marijuana. (with some entities like PotEstate Holdings combining more than one!).

Since Regulation A+ came into play in June of 2015 over one hundred companies have filed for approval, with dozens already qualified and sixteen raising money at this very moment. Here’s the list of those companies currently in play:

What does this list mean to you? It means Regulation A+ has already been a success for a number of companies in a variety of industries. Why not yours? It’s time to contact the Reg. A+ Funding Group and get moving with the goal of getting your company on this list! Seriously!