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Med-X Using Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Sell Shares in their Cannabis Company

As predicted, companies in the cannabis industry are starting to look to Regulation A+ funding to raise money for their crowdfunding efforts. You can look no further than Med-X as an example of a medical cannabis startup that has received SEC approval for their Reg. A raise.

Med-X-1[1]They have already registered 1,176 investors for approximately $3.7 million and are now selling shares in the company, accepting up to $15 million at $0.60 per share. The company is aiming to correct the course of cannabis in America with a new insecticidal soil.  Said Matthew Mills, COO of Med-X:

“This offering presents a tremendous opportunity for American investors seeking to get in on the ground floor of the burgeoning cannabis industry — without the normal accreditation requirements for start-up companies. Virtually any American age 18 or older can participate. Keep in mind that you’re not simply investing in the cannabis industry; you’re investing in green medicine. What’s more, the successful launch of Med-X is 100% due to the opportunity brought to us from the JOBS Act of 2012. We are proof that if you are willing to sacrifice the time and effort to do it right, following all the rules of crowdfunding and raising capital is a worthwhile endeavor.”

Mills is not alone. Companies like Pot Estate Holdings are moving forward with their offering and we’ve already pointed to Elio Motors as a Reg. A project experiencing success. Mills may even be bigger! Many stats in the current Cannabis industry value that market at $3 billion, but expect that number to grow to $11 billion by 2020, so clearly Med-X is in the right place. It also looks as if Regulation A+ is the perfect “IPOtogo” vehicle to move ahead with their crowdfunding strategy.

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