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PODCAST: Alexa, Play the Fat Brands Episode of the Reg.A Money Show Where They Talk About Corporate Structure

RegAMoney.com: (view press release) As mentioned in a blog news post on the www.IPOtogo.com website, the “Reg.A Money Show” is now being syndicated on ALL Amazon Alexa devices which means these Regulation A+ informational podcasts can now be accessed by “smart speakers” – merely by saying “Alexa, play the latest episode of the Reg.A Money Show” (or something to that effect). Similar to Apple’s “Siri”, Alexa carries out the commands you say out loud to it, and with over 20 million users of Smart Speaker technology in the home, the “Reg.A Money Show” continues to increase its syndicated exposure to listeners nationwide with valuable information regarding Regulation A+ offerings and the industry in general.

Listen to “Alexa, Play the Fat Brands Episode of the Reg.A Money Show Where They Talk About Corporate Structure (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

In part 2 of this episode, we answer a question from a listener about the steps you need to take for a solid corporate structure and sound foundation as a company moves forward with its Regulation A+ offering. What is essential before doing a corporate audit or before engaging an attorney? Should you create an LLC or a corporation and what are the bylaws and resolutions of such an entity? What function does a Secretary of State serve and why is it important to consider the specific rules of your domicile state of incorporation? Common vs. Preferred shares? And at what par value? A formal accounting process is crucial. It doesn’t matter how many investors are cultivated – these are all points to consider before you’ll be able to open a bank account and start taking deposits from your loyal followers (who you’ll be in contact with via all the marketing efforts that will lead to a successful Regulation A+ offering).

Listen to “Alexa, Play the Fat Brands Episode of the Reg.A Money Show Where They Talk About Corporate Structure (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

The answers to these questions lay out a foundation to a solid corporate structure which is exactly what Fat Brands have done in their quest to be listed on a major exchange. FAT Brands (NASDAQ: FAT) became the sixth Reg A+ “IPOtogo” to list and trade on the NASDAQ or NYSE. The company raised its maximum of $24 million by selling 2 million shares at $12 each at a pre-money valuation of $96 million. In addition, their offering is the first Reg A+ deal to provide a dividend (which is 4%). More on this on a future “Reg.A Money Show” podcast…

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