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PODCAST: Cancer Fighting “20/20 Gene Systems” Using Jobs Act to Raise Capital on the Microventures Crowdfunding Portal

RegAMoney.com (view press release): There’s more good news in the Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding world! At this year’s National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) Conference held in New York City, the percentage of exhibitors seeking funding via Reg.A+ seems to be on the rise and exponentially growing (as predicted on the “Reg.A Money Show” many times). As companies continue to discover Reg.A+ as a means to access capital markets, more and more knowledge is needed by these issuers to fully utilize all the benefits they can derive by this crowdfunding vehicle. Most do not know there are many components to the Jobs Act, and in this podcast we interview Jonathan Cohen, Founder, President, and CEO of 20/20 Gene Systems, a company that’s pioneering early detection and precision medicine in the battle against cancer. They are using a crowdfunding aspect of the Jobs Act and listed their offering on Microventures, a crowdfunding portal created by crowdfunding industry giant IndieGoGo – and we answer a listener question about why these crowdfunding portals are so important for an offering’s success.

Listen to “Cancer Fighting “20/20 Gene Systems” Using Jobs Act to Raise Capital on the Microventures Crowdfunding Portal (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

Regulation A+ spans just about any industry out there, and medical is BIG! As mentioned above, in this “Contender” segment of the “Reg.A Money Show” podcast, we featured 20/20 Gene Systems and how they’re using equity crowdfunding to raise money for their innovative business model which uses advanced analytics on large volumes of real world, clinically relevant patient health data to fight cancer – with 20/20 hindsight! Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. However, as Mr. Cohen mentions on the podcast, many tumors are not lethal if detected early enough to be surgically removed before they spread. 20/20 GeneSystems’ mission is to reduce cancer deaths in the U.S. and around the world through early detection.

Listen and learn first-hand from company CEO Jonathan Cohen about what his company exactly does, its goals, strategies, and how investors can get involved. To date, the company has raised over $7.5 million in private investments and an equivalent amount through numerous government and private grants and has been the recipient of many awards. Next year (2018), 20/20 plans to introduce OneTEST, which will identify cancer risk using tumor antigen markers enhanced with 20/20’s proprietary algorithms that incorporate the patient’s individual risk factors to give a more accurate cancer risk profile.

Listen to “Cancer Fighting “20/20 Gene Systems” Using Jobs Act to Raise Capital on the Microventures Crowdfunding Portal (part 2)” on Spreaker.

Their offering can be found on the MicroVentures Crowdfunding Portal and are about half-way through their scheduled offering period. Also, learn how PAULA’s Test can help identify lung cancer in the earliest stages when treatment can be most successful. Remember, #EarlyDetectionSavesLives

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jonathan Cohen:

johnathancohenJonathan Cohen, Founder, President, and CEO: Under Mr. Cohen’s leadership, 20/20 GeneSystems has brought in approximately $7.5 million in grant funding and launched two successful products, a kit for suspicious powders used by hundreds of emergency responder organizations worldwide and a blood test for the early detection of lung cancer.

He is the co-inventor of an AI approach for improving tumor biomarker accuracy that is covered in a pending PCT International Patent Application.

As 20/20’s CEO, Mr. Cohen forged strategic alliances with Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eastman Kodak, Abbott Diagnostics, Smiths Detection, and Ping An Ventures, the investment arm of the largest insurance company in China. Active in public policy initiatives on behalf of the biotechnology industry, Mr. Cohen conceived of and helped bring about the passage of the Maryland Biotechnology Investment Tax Credit. Mr. Cohen is a founding director of the Small Biotechnology Business Coalition. Before founding 20/20, Mr. Cohen was patent and general counsel for two publicly traded companies: Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (acquired by Roche diagnostics in 2008 for $3.4 billioni) and Oncor Inc. Mr. Cohen is a registered patent attorney with more than 18 years of experience in biotechnology patents and licensing matters. He has a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from the American University.

20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. is a Rockville, MD based company focused on reducing cancer mortality worldwide. 20/20’s mission is to help “bend the curve” of cancer mortality around the world through early detection and precision medicine. It has pioneered a novel approach called “20/20 Hindsight” of continuous machine learning using large patient data sets of biomarker values with clinical factors such as age, gender, and smoking history to improve the accuracy of the most widely used cancer biomarkers. Their flagship product, “OneTEST” – a new multi cancer test which can help detect over 6 types of cancer, with up to 90% accuracy, using a standard blood test – will be available in the US beginning Q2 2018.

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