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PODCAST: How CrowdfundX’s Artificial Intelligent Investor Marketing Engine Helped Put Myomo Reg.A+ on the NYSE

RegAMoney.com:  (View Press Release) On the very day medical-robotics maker Myomo successfully completed its historic Reg.A+ IPO to the NYSE, CrowdfundX CEO Darren Marble appeared as a guest on the “Reg.A Money Show” to discuss how his company was able to create “the crowd” for Myomo, basically from scratch! Listen how Darren explains exactly how his advanced AI technology was able to identify and acquire retail investors for the Myomo offering – and how CrowdFundX can apply the same strategies for Reg.A+ issuers in just about any market segment.

Listen to “How CrowdfundX’s Artificial Intelligent Investor Marketing Engine Helped Put Myomo Reg.A+ on the NYSE (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

The insights you’ll learn from listening to this podcast are second to none, especially for Reg.A+ hopefuls who are targeting a market listing on a major exchange such as the NYSE as part of their end-game. Myomo did it – why not your company? The main takeaway from this podcast proves how a Regulation A+ offering can be successful even if you don’t have a pre-set crowd of investors if you partner with the right group with cutting-edge technologies.

Listen to “How CrowdfundX’s Artificial Intelligent Investor Marketing Engine Helped Put Myomo Reg.A+ on the NYSE (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Darren Marble:

darrenmarble-regamoneyshowDarren Marble is the CEO of CrowdfundX (CfX), a FinTech marketing firm that leverages a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital marketing to help issuers acquire retail investors and shareholders at scale. CfX is the creator of Dara, the world’s first AI Investor Marketing Agent.

Built through insights gained from marketing the industry’s most successful equity crowdfunding campaigns, Dara is a semi-autonomous machine that empowers issuers to streamline retail investor acquisition. Dara works across marketing channels, optimizing paid, earned, owned and social marketing activities.

CfX successfully marketed historic crowdfinanced IPOs to the NYSE and OTC Markets Group for medical-robotics maker Myomo (“MYO”) and automotive startup Elio Motors (“ELIO”), respectively.

Mr. Marble is on the Board of Directors with the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and is a Co-Founder of the Crowd Invest Summit. His insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Website: www.crowdfundx.io
Email: darren@crowdfundx.io
Phone: 310-710-9920

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