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PODCAST: Robotics Maker CEO Paul Gudonis Explains How Myomo Turned Regulation A+ into a NYSE Listing

RegAMoney.com: (view press release) As regular listeners of the “Reg.A Money Show” know from a previous podcast, robotics medical device maker Myomo, Inc. recently made big news in the Regulation A+ industry by becoming the first Reg.A+ offering to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company was spun out of MIT in 2006, and develops robotic braces that can help people regain the use of partially paralyzed or weakened arms and hands. Myomo successfully raised $5 million by selling 665,498 shares of its common stock to the public at $7.50 per share under stock symbol “MYO”.

How did they do it? Shares were sold to the public through an equity crowdfunding campaign conducted on the website of Banq, an online investing platform run by TriPoint Global Equities, the lead managing selling agent and bookrunner administering Myomo’s securities offering with CrowdfundX functioning as the digital marketing agency of record for the offering.

Listen to “Robotics Maker CEO Paul Gudonis Explains How Myomo Turned Regulation A+ into a NYSE Listing (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

On part 2 of this episode of the “Reg.A Money Show”, we interviewed Myomo CEO Paul Gudonis, who provided his insight on his company’s experience with Reg.A+, from the initial stages to their successful and impressive listing on the NYSE. Mr. Gudonis touches on some extremely important points that anyone in the Regulation A+ realm should know and the advice he gives to potential Reg.A+ issuers is absolutely invaluable! This is the kind of information that makes following the Reg.A Money Show on Spreaker so important.

Listen to “Robotics Maker CEO Paul Gudonis Explains How Myomo Turned Regulation A+ into a NYSE Listing (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Paul R. Gudonis:

paulgudonisMr. Gudonis has been Myomo CEO for five years and has led the commercialization of the Company’s portable home devices. He has pioneered new technologies and created new markets during his 30-year career spanning software, telecommunications, Internet services, and robotics.

From launching the first cellphone service in the country to building the first Internet backbone network into a billion-dollar global services provider, he has grown venture-backed startup companies and led several publicly held corporations.

He dedicated five years to inspire our nation’s youth to pursue education and careers in science and engineering via robotics competitions, and in his current role, he is bringing a new neuro-robotic technology to market to restore movement in the paralyzed limbs of individuals who have suffered a brain injury. Mr. Gudonis has also served as President at FIRST robotics and as CEO of Genuity and Centra Software. Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering (BS) and Harvard Business School (MBA).

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