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PODCAST: The Elements that Make For a Strong Regulation A+ Offering

RegAMoney.com: (View Press Release) It’s cold in the NorthEast, but Regulation A+ is heating up like never before! Companies are ringing the bell on major stock exchanges, Reg.A+ “contenders” continue to move their offerings forward, celebrity brands are getting involved, and more and more companies are looking at Reg.A+ as a equity crowdfunding vehicle to raise money as a result. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! A question sent in from a “Reg.A+ Money Show” listener begged the question: Will there be a big company that will break the $50 million dollar Regulation A+ threshold in 2018? Listen to Part 1 of this “Reg.A Money Show” podcast for a great take on that subject. Plus we initiated our spontaneous contest: Who’s listening to the “Reg.A Money Show” in the coldest temperature? Send your photo to info@RegAMoney.com. 🙂

Listen to “The Elements that Make For a Strong Regulation A+ Offering (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

Just like Icebergs form after a period of thousands of years, issuing Reg.A+ paper doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of thought is required to put forth a strong regulation A+ offering – therefore a poorly thought-out Reg.A+ deal is doomed to failure. But what are the elements involved in creating a strong Regulation A+ offering that investors would clamor over? In Part 2 of this “Reg.A Money Show” podcast, we go through some essential steps and nuances to consider for all the “Reg.A+ contenders” and anyone interested in creating a Reg.A offering to raise money for their company. These are the critical components and elements that are essential to set you apart from another “Me Too” company, instead of a company that clearly defines its goals, purposes, and tells a compelling story that fully explains the problem or issue your company is there to solve… and how you intend on solving that issue – all without “over-selling” or embellishment. Plus, you still have to run your company during the entire process, which is why partnering with knowledgeable Reg.A+ consultants works so well for many. We spoke about what Reg.A+ deal will shatter the $50 raise threshold in 2018 in Part 1 of this show, but make no mistake: Do you want your investors to have confidence in your business plan? Then ANY company who wants to succeed in Reg.A+ must heed and understand the information presented on this part of the podcast.

Listen to “The Elements that Make For a Strong Regulation A+ Offering (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

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