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PODCAST: Why Roadshows Like NIBA Are a Great Way to Showcase Your Regulation A+ Offering

RegAMoney.com: As mentioned on our previous “Reg A Money Show” podcast, exhibiting and/or attending roadshows allows you to put your Regulation A+ offering in front of a targeted audience of investment bankers and funding sources. There’s no question this is the right group to pitch your Reg.A+ crowdfunding deal to – and you never know who’s out there listening! That’s one reason why tradeshows hosted by the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) are a must, and in this segment, we talk about the latest NIBA Conference, held on February 27th-28th in New York City, which was attended by RegA Funding Group principals who had some interesting insights on the event!

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In part two of our podcast, we talked about the big news coming from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding accredited investors and what it means for Regulation A+ campaigns. In a move surely aimed at the success of Regulation A+ crowdfunding offerings, the acting chairmember of the SEC has advocated for looser requirements regarding what the definition of what an accredited investor really should be. At their annual conference held in Washington, DC, Michael Piwowar coined the phrase “forgotten investor” and in this podcast, we go through what that actually means and how this push may affect the Regulation A+ crowdfunding marketplace.

Listen to “Big News from the SEC Regarding Accredited Investors – What Does it Mean for Regulation A+ Campaigns?” on Spreaker.

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