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PODCAST: Why Stock Transfer Agents are Crucial to Regulation A+ Offerings

RegAMoney.com: Regulation A+ is not a cut-and-dried process. There are many moving parts and regulatory issues that must be addressed before approval for your Regulation A+ offering is final. Stock transfer agents is one such requirement. When you partake in a Regulation A+ offering, understand you are owning real stock in a real business. This means stock transfer agents play a key role in making the whole process work. It also means if you’re either a Reg.A+ investor or a business looking to raise money via Regulation A+, the information contained in this installment of the “Reg. A Money Show” is crucial to know.

Listen to “Why Stock Transfer Agents are Crucial to Regulation A+ Offerings (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

In part 2 of this show, industry expert Yoel Goldfeder from V Stock Transfer talks about the role stock transfer agents play in the Regulation A+ process. Yoel’s insights into the process makes for informative learning for those seeking Reg.A+ stock transfer guidance. In fact, the knowledge and tips he provides here is absolutely indispensable!

Listen to “Why Stock Transfer Agents are Crucial to Regulation A+ Offerings (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Yoel Goldfeder:

yoelYoel Goldfeder, Esq. is a licensed attorney with over fifteen years of corporate and securities law experience. Mr. Goldfeder has represented both small and large companies and investors throughout his legal career dealing with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate financing, including both public and private securities offerings, specializing in PIPE transactions and reverse mergers.

Mr. Goldfeder obtained his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center, after receiving a BA. in Accounting and a B.S. in Political Science from Brooklyn College. He is admitted to practice law in New York and is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Baruch College, teaching courses in business law and business organizations. Mr. Goldfeder is also currently a member of the Legal Committee of the Securities Transfer Associate.

In addition, Mr. Goldfeder was the co-author of “Regulation of Small Business Issuers – An Executive Handbook,” a book geared to the executives of small public companies and co-authored an article on Equity Crowdfunding published in the Bringham Young University International Law & Management Review. Mr. Goldfeder has also participated on multiple panels discussing financing under Regulation A+ and often consults with clients involved with IPOs and complex securities issues.

Website: http://www.VStockTransfer.com
Email: yoel@vstocktransfer.com
Phone: 212-828-8436

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