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Regulation A+ Crowdfunding Turning the Naysayers into Believers

Not everyone was so quick to adopt Regulation A+ as we were. In fact, we’re the only ones to have nicknamed it an “IPO to go”! Slowly, but surely, the tide is turning – and as we predicted, more and more companies are seeing Reg.A Crowdfunding as a great way to raise money for their company.

regaoptimismSome securities attorneys are even writing about how wrong they were about the future of Regulation A+. Gary Emmanuel was one of them, and he recently wrote an interesting article published at the Huffington Post titled “5 Reasons to be Optimistic About Regulation A+” which makes for interesting reading. Here are his 5:

1) The recent success of Elio Motors, which we wrote about awhile ago here.

2) The “testing the waters” aspect of a Regulation A+ money raise, which we’ve detailed here as well. Check out Pot Estate Holdings, Inc. for a company that has just started their “testing the waters” phase as well.

3) The Tier 2 Regulation A+ Offerings option preempts state securities registration laws. This is the main reason why most companies are choosing Tier 2 vs. Tier 1. We detailed all the differences on our “Reg.A Info” page.

4) Looking longterm, the shares sold in Tier 2 Regulation A+ offerings may qualify to trade on the OTC and NASDAQ. This is where the serious fun starts!

5) Comments from the SEC have been light. “Regulation A” used to be a red-tape nightmare, but now as a result of the JOBS Act, the process is a lot simpler. And why?…  because the SEC actually WANTS to see this program succeed!

That’s five great points! All in all, the future of Regulation A+ crowdfunding seems to be bright indeed. More and more filings are happening every day – you just need to be sure you align yourself with Reg.A+ experts who can guide you through every step successfully, which is exactly what you get with the pros at the Reg.A Funding Group. Start your Reg.A today!