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Regulation A+ Filiing Stats as of 6/1/2016

We’re already into June now and we’ve seen 61 companies file Regulation A+ documentation with the SEC, 12 of which have been qualified with a $23MM average goal raise.

regastatsThat’s pretty impressive so far, and it’s only been as of June, 2015 when Title IV of the JOBS Act went into play to allow non-accredited investors worldwide access to invest in private companies in the USA.  Here are the latest Reg.A+ stats:

  • 61 companies have applied to the SEC for Reg.A+ qualification (up from 45 one month ago, which is basically one new application every two days). Consulting companies targeting the Reg.A+ audience have increased as well, which is good because it’s driving costs down.
  • 12 Regulation A+ Form 1-A filings have been qualified by the SEC.
  • 6 Reg.A+ offerings are currently accepting investments.
  • The total capital looking to be raised for all these offerings is approximately $1.3 Billion, which is up from $1 Billion a month ago.
  • The average Reg.A+ raise amount is $23 million per offering.

These numbers suggest you seriously look into Reg. A+ paper to obtain significant money for your business. Here are some success stories:

The beauty of Reg. A+ is there is no requirement that your company be listed on any market such as QX or OTCQB. And with the “testing the waters” process allowing companies to be informally marketed to judge investor interest, companies aren’t rushed into spending significant money to begin their Form 1-A application with the SEC. Confused about these terms? That’s okay – the Reg. A Funding Group is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have from start to finish!

Is it time for you to go Reg.A+? The stats say yes, so contact us today for a confidential, no obligation consultation.