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Regulation A+ Offerings Convert Your Customers into Your Investors

Happy customers are the best evangelists for your company. When YOU say your company is great, it’s never as powerful as when your CUSTOMER says your company is great. That’s why testimonials are so powerful. The JOBS Act and Title IV bring that truism to another level. With Regulation A+ offerings, your happy customers can actually become investors in your company, whether they are accredited or not.

investorshareholdersWhen you combine social media with Regulation A+, you get a vehicle that can gain investor traction like never before! When customers become shareholders, that’s what we at the Reg.A+ Funding Group call a “game changer”!

Regulation A+ allows companies to raise up to $50 million dollars every year from an investor source that was previously un-touched, without having to register the offering with the SEC as long as certain disclosure and reporting standards are followed. The doucment used to file such an offering is called “Form 1-A” and many of them have been filed or in the process of being filed already.

While new, the entire product shows tremendous potential. But it’s not a cheap process – and as you can probably guess, could be a bit tricky to successfully implement without the help of industry professionals who can guide you through each step while making sure your company follows all the rules. Preparing a complete Title IV offering could cost a company well into the 6-figures, so you may as well do it right the first time.

Elio Motors is one such success story that has raised over $17 million through its Reg A Plus offering, where 64 percent of the investors participating in the offering had reservations to buy one of their vehicles! The company is now listed on the OTC Markets over-the-counter exchange.

They are just one example of how Regulation A+ is turning customers into shareholders. And because most of these investors are product evangelists to begin with, the desire to sell shares isn’t as pertinent. The main goal is to use good business sense to grow the company instead! In other words, build a fan base and you build your investor base at the same time.

Regulation A+ is only gaining momentum. Companies can select between going with a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 option. These options are explained nicely on one of the recent Reg.A Money Show podcasts on Spreaker as well as their nationally syndicated Stitcher podcast.

Before the JOBS Act, you could only raise money from accredited investors via private placement memorandums or via traditional IPOs. Now, Regulation A+ allows for what we affectionately like to call an “IPOtogo”. Whatever stage your company is in, if you have happy customers, you probably have an investment source you’ve never considered before. It’s time for you to contact us for a confidential consultation to see if Reg.A+ is right for you