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SEC Issues Additional Regulation A+ Offering Guidelines

Since Regulation A+ took effect on June 19th, 2015, its usage has been on a continual upward path of motion. We saw the power of this crowdfunding vehicle from day one and on one of our initial posts to IPOtogo, we even called it a “game changer”! In fact, that’s also the reason we decided to create a podcast dedicated to the industry called the “Reg.A Money Show“. And of course being well versed in Regulation A+, we like to keep up with any Reg.A+ updates, news, and information.

guidelinesToday we’re here to report that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently issued six new Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (C&DI) that should be understood by both Reg.A+ issuers and investors – and who better to explain these guidelines than securities lawyer Laura Anthony. Ms. Anthony has been a guest and friend of the Reg.A Money Show and her latest article explaining these items can be found here at the Huffington Post.

In her article, she details exactly what these C&DI’s are including:

  • The timing of the filing of registration forms
  • How to withdraw a Tier 2 Regulation A+ offering
  • Addressing the age of financial statements¬† included in the offering circular
  • Whether a tax opinion is required or voluntary
  • Whether or not an auditor’s consent is necessary to be included to an annual report
  • Information on approval of sales material submitted to the SEC

She goes through a lot more details as well, including addressing legal nuances of whether Regulation A+ deals are private or public offerings. All and all, it is important information to know and understand.

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