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PODCAST: Understanding Stock Classifi...


RegAMoney.com: (view press release) As Regulation A+ matures, more and more companies are using Reg.A+ as a means of accessing capital markets. We’ve now seen companies list their offerings on the New York Stock Exchange (Myomo, Level Brands, etc.), NASDAQ (Chicken Soup for the Soul, Arcimoto, Fat Brands, and many others) and on the many […]

JOBS Act Regulation A+ Sweet Sixteen ...


Since Regulation A+ kicked into gear a few months back, companies are slowly getting on board with the opportunity. In fact, in a stunning reversal of fortune, funding raised via Reg.A+ and crowdfunding in general is expected to surpass venture capital funding in 2016. That’s huge, and underscores how seriously the capital raising market has […]

How Much Does a Regulation A+ Cost?


As the first legitimate nationally available crowdfunding program for non-accredited investors,  many have called Regulation A+ a “game changer” when it comes to raising money for businesses of all sizes. Also known as the JOBS Act which President Obama signed into law, “Reg. A+” basically allows companies to raise capital from the general public, a […]