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“Chicken Soup for the Soul̶...


According to a recent report from the Securities and Exchange Commission, as of end-of-year 2016 only about 56 of the 97 companies that pursued Regulation A+ Offerings reported “successful outcomes”. Now while the jury may be still out as to what determines a “successful outcome”, the fact that all Reg.A+ projects don’t always succeed shouldn’t […]

PODCAST: Tripoint Global CEO Mark Ele...


RegAMoney.com: (view press release) There’s BIG news today out of the Reg.A Money Show Studios – Market makers are a huge component to a successful Regulation A+ offering. We’ve touched upon this subject before on a previous show. But where is the market maker going to fit into a Reg.A and what’s their role in […]

PODCAST: Robotics Maker CEO Paul Gudo...


RegAMoney.com: (view press release) As regular listeners of the “Reg.A Money Show” know from a previous podcast, robotics medical device maker Myomo, Inc. recently made big news in the Regulation A+ industry by becoming the first Reg.A+ offering to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company was spun out […]

PODCAST: The Importance and Role of t...


RegAMoney.com: (View Press Release) Every Regulation A+ Offering must be qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But what does that actually mean and what are the steps necessary to making this happen? Working with the SEC is such an important component to maneuver with – and as you can imagine, the process does […]

Is a Regulation A+ Offering an IPO?


The answer to the “Is a regulation A+ offering an IPO” question is NO! It is certainly NOT an IPO – but it is similar in that it’s a viable means of raising capital for your business with the possibility of taking your company public on a major exchange such as the NASDAQ or NYSE. We’ve just […]

PODCAST: How CrowdfundX’s Artif...


RegAMoney.com:  (View Press Release) On the very day medical-robotics maker Myomo successfully completed its historic Reg.A+ IPO to the NYSE, CrowdfundX CEO Darren Marble appeared as a guest on the “Reg.A Money Show” to discuss how his company was able to create “the crowd” for Myomo, basically from scratch! Listen how Darren explains exactly how […]

PODCAST: What Types of Businesses Sho...


RegAMoney.com (read press release here): Regulation A+ Offerings are becoming “mainstream” as the word is out that many companies who have chosen this route have already been qualified by the SEC and ready to take money. But Reg.A+ is not for everyone. In this podcast, we go over 8 types of business markets where companies […]

PODCAST: How Broker-Dealers Benefit R...


RegAMoney.com: Regulation A+ works great for Broker-Dealers (BD) because it allows them to offer new and exciting products to more investors. The non-accredited stature of many of these investors means the BD can reach new clientele through these unique offerings (which we at the “Reg.A Money Show” affectionately refer to as an #IPOtogo). Besides helping […]

PODCAST: How to Build a Crowd that Su...


RegAMoney.com: Perhaps the biggest mistake issuers make when considering whether to create a Regulation A+ crowdfunding offering is not having a crowd of loyal evangelists in place before they start the Reg.A+ process. There are many ways of developing this crowd and in this podcast, we go into specific details on how to make that […]

PODCAST: EDGAR Agents Submit Your Doc...


RegAMoney.com: Just like everything else in life, teamwork is a part of your success. No Regulation A+ offering is a island, and there are many moving parts that go into a successful Reg.A+ campaign. One of those parts are EDGAR agents, who provide the essential services of automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of […]