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Testing the Waters with Regulation A+ Funding

September-07-2012-20-35-43-ms[1]With Reg. A+, company founders have the ability to gauge potential interest by “testing the waters” before costly SEC filings and audits by “reserving shares” in a possible deal. That way, the companies can move forward with the significant costs of filing after they see that investors are interested in their deal to begin with! No commitments are made between the parties during the “testing the waters” phase.

If your company is incorporated in the US or Canada and have a primary place of business in the US or Canada, you are eligible to qualify for Reg. A.+ funding. If you want to raise at least one million dollars and want to keep control of your business, “testing the waters” may be right for you. You’ll probably need a budget of at least $50K to create and market your investor campaign property, and if you have a community/fanbase to start with to promote it to, that would be a great plus.

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