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The Convergence of Craft Beer and Reg. A Crowdfunding Has Begun

A craft beer brewery in Michigan is the latest business entity to take to Regulation A+ crowdfunding. They are using a platform called CraftFund to raise money via their own “IPOtogo” for their MobCraft Beer company.

In the past, only accredited investors with high incomes and net worth’s could partake in such an offering. Now, private companies can sell their stock over the internet to people of modest means as well, giving small businesses such as MobCraft Beer a new means of raising capital and allowing “non-wealthy” people the opportunity to place relatively small amounts of money into private firms (and maybe become very wealthy themselves in the process!)

Although it’s presently being used modestly, Crowdfunding with Regulation A+ has been called a “game changer” from many who are looking at this industry as explosive and quite significant. It’s entirely new and as more and more companies become successful with this type of crowdfunding money-raise, you’ll certainly see the interest in Regulation A+ skyrocket.

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