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The “Reg.A Money Show” Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary with a Regulation A+ Recap Episode

RegAMoney.com: (view press release) From a crazy idea to an industry standard, we’ve been producing the “Reg.A+ Money Show” for one year already and the future looks brighter than ever, both for the “Reg.A Money Show” and for the Reg.A+ industry in general. Our Reg.A+ radio podcast has been constantly bringing relevant Reg.A information and industry professionals in the Reg.A equity crowdfunding market to you across syndicated platforms such as Spreaker, ITunes, and the Stitcher mobile app. And on the date of our 1st anniversary, the “Reg.A Money Show” was ready to make a MAJOR announcement! Listen to the intro here:

Listen to “The “Reg.A Money Show” Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary with a Regulation A+ Recap Episode (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

So what was the announcement? How about this: The “Reg.A Money Show” can now be heard over the iHeartRadio Network, exposing the show to literally hundreds of millions of potential listeners and subscribers! In addition to the “Full Disclosure” segment with co-host Ron Costa, on this podcast we also recap some of our most memorable show moments so far, and talk about what we have planned in store for the immediate future. It all comes down to this: If you’re a player in any aspect of Regulation A+ crowdfunding – or want to be – listening to the Reg.A Money Show is an absolute MUST!

Listen to “The "Reg.A Money Show" Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary with a Regulation A+ Recap Episode (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

Visit the Reg A Money Show website! – Scroll down to fill out the form on that page if you have a question you’d like answered on the show or if you’d like to be a show guest. Thanks for your support!!!

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