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The “Reg.A+ Money Show” is Now Syndicated on iTunes

Catching up with the latest Regulation A+ news and industry trends just got even easier! The “Reg.A Money Show” is now officially being syndicated on iTunes, which puts the podcast in front of an enormous audience of Apple listeners. All you have to do is go to the official show page, click the episode you’re interested in, and listen away – it’s free! (read the press release here)

itunesregaBeing on iTunes is HUGE, but don’t forget the Reg.A Money Show is currently broadcast over the Spreaker platform and is being syndicated on the Stitcher App as well. Hundreds of thousands of people use the Stitcher app to listen to podcasts on almost any topic imaginable, and the Reg.A Money Show is one of the few that directly addresses equity crowdfunding with Reg.A.

Being accessible via iTunes grows the number of potential listeners to the “RegA Money Show” exponentially and should capture the interest of those in the Regulation A+ offerings industry would may want to sponsor or advertise on the show.

The “Reg.A Money Show” provides information and Reg.A education from the founders over at the “Reg.A Funding Group” as well as market insights from a variety of industry experts who appear on the show as guests.  Follow, subscribe, like, and listen to the show and see why this podcast is emerging as a “must listen” to all those interested in issuing Reg.A paper or investors interested in participating in a company’s offering.

If you’d like to appear on the show as a guest – or would like a Reg.A+ question answered – please fill out the form below and our show producer will be in touch with you promptly.




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