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The Reg.A Money Show Podcast is Now Being Syndicated on All Amazon Alexa Devices

Getting the latest news on Regulation A+ Offerings just got a little “hands-off“. The industry’s premiere podcast, the Reg.A Money Show, continues to be syndicated on more and more listening platforms. That’s right – besides currently being heard on the iHeartRadio Network, Apple iTunes, the Stitcher Mobile app, and the Spreaker platform, the show can now be accessed on ALL Amazon Alexa devices as well! (You can read the press release here)

The Reg. A Money Show on Amazon Alexa

The Reg. A Money Show is now being syndicated on all Amazon Alexa devices

Amazon Alexa devices, which include Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, are wireless, voice-activated “smart speakers” that feature a personal assistant voice service named “Alexa.” Similarly to Siri, Alexa will carry out the commands you say out loud to it. Current users have been using them to ask for the weather report, access their favorite music, and, most importantly, tune in to podcasts – specifically, the “Reg.A Money Show”  podcast!

With Amazon Alexa, together with automatic sharing to social media networks and syndication with Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and SONOS, the “Reg.A Money Show” is making use of every distribution channel possible to insure their informational podcasts reach as many listeners as possible – a point surely not easily missed by potential advertisers on the show.

Smart speakers have become a pretty big deal in the podcasting world, and were the main topic of interest at this year’s RAIN Podcast Business Summit presented by NPR. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, the home is where podcast listeners are tuning in the most. And now, the “Reg.A Money Show” better reaches this demographic.

Since Amazon Echo’s debut in 2014, smart speakers can now be found in over 20 million homes across the US. In fact, 42% of smart speaker owners claim they’re already essential to their everyday lives. That’s a lot of people who now have greater and easier access to the “Reg.A Money Show” podcast!

The ease of use alone is a persuasive selling point of smart speakers; there’s no searching for a remote control, not even the need to use access pins or swipe across the screen. With voice activation enabled, smart speaker owners can now just ask for the latest “Reg.A Money Show” simply by saying: “play the latest Reg.A Money Show episode.”

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