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The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Regulation A

The folks over at DealFlow.com put together a “David Letterman”-like “Top 10 List” entitled “The 10 things you should know about Regulation A“. As a quick synopsis, here is the list:

dl10. Issuers can use a Regulation A offering statement to cover shares issued in a merger.

9. Regulation A is a viable path to becoming exchange listed.

8. Previous reporting companies can use Regulation A.

7. A subsidiary of a public company can use Regulation A.

6. An issuer headquartered in the U.S. or Canada with operations outside of the U.S. or Canada may still use Regulation A.

5. Although state securities law is preempted in a Tier 2 offering, an issuer may have to make notice filings.

4. Voluntary filers can use Regulation A even though they are SEC reporting companies.

3. PCAOB audit firms are necessary as a practical matter.

2. An issuer may conduct an ongoing Regulation A offering.

1. An issuer can “build a bridge” to its Regulation A offering.

This is amazing information – and most have no idea these points even exist! If you weren’t sure about how Reg. A before, these Top 10 items should open your eyes about the possibilities! Contact the Reg A Funding Group today to get started with a no-obligation consultation and we’ll get you going on the right path.