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What Types of Companies Should Consider Doing a Regulation A+ IPOtogo?

If  your company has developed a loyal following, either in real life or on social media, you may want to consider raising money with Regulation A+. Perhaps you have a product that hasn’t gone mainstream yet, but all testing and feedback points to it being a winner (like your local restaurant perhaps?), then it may be time to “test the waters” with Regulation A plus.

iStock_000006626473XSmall[1]Like we always say, your customers are your best salesforce, and Regulation A+ means pretty much anyone can become your investor! Even if you don’t have followers, you can still use Reg A+ to your advantage by utilizing the services of the Reg. A+ Funding Group or any other reputable firm that specializes in raising capital with Regulation A+.

However, Regulation A+ is not for everyone for sure. If you have a startup company whose valuation exceeds $1 billion, you probably want to stay away from Reg. A+ since raising that kind of money well exceeds the limits that Reg A+ allows. Also, if your company is not generating revenue, Reg. A+ isn’t for you either. In many cases, it would be better to try a more traditional crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe.

The bottom line is Regulation A+ was designed to allow better access to capital for small to medium sized companies and to make it an effective, workable program. Regulation A+ is great for most companies as it opens enormous possibilities for safe and seamless investment opportunities to the general public that they previous had no access to before.