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Why Raise Money Equity CrowdFunding with Reg.A+

We’ve stated many times already why we at the Reg. A Funding Group think equity crowdfunding with Regulation A+ is a complete game changer. But to summarize the 3 main points why:

crowdfunding-620x480[1]1) 92% of investors were being left out! Before Reg. A+, investing in private companies was limited to accredited investors only. Very few meet the standards for accredited investment status. Now, more people can participate.

2) The biggest reason startups fail is that they can’t get the proper funding! You can find good ideas and great services anywhere, but if these companies don’t have access to working capital and investor money in general, they are more likely to fail. Regulation A+ allows more and more people to get into the game with equity crowd fundraising, and many times this will be the difference between a winner and a loser.

3) Market traction is needed for success and with Regulation A+, your customers and clients can literally become your investors and evangelists! The power of the crowd provides a major benefit for business startups who are struggling to prove their ability to compete in their specific market.

It’s all about supply and demand, and equity crowdfunding compels investors in the future of a startup by building strong bonds between its customers and the brand itself. You just have to be willing to explore and take the first step into finding out how Reg. A+ can work for you. Contact us today for more info.