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You May Want to Consider Regulation A+ Crowdfunding If….

Is Regulation A+ crowdfunding a fit for your company? As you know if you’re a regular listener to the “Reg.A Money Show”, Reg.A+ is not for everyone. However, Regulation A+ offerings are becoming very popular and more and more companies are at least looking into the possibility of going the Reg.A+ route rather than jumping throw all those hoops required for a traditional IPO.

regaifOnce again, Reg.A+ allows you to raise up to $50 million dollars per year in a way that provides liquidity to investors as well as providing a path to accessing the NASDAQ, NYSE, or OTC capital markets. So are you ready? You may want to consider Regulation A+ if:

1) You have a large base of happy loyal customers. When your customers are evangelists in your brand, they are likely to take advantage of investing into something they already like and trust. Unlike angel investors, you don’t have to “sell them” on your product or service – they already know how great you are! This point is perhaps the single most important indicator of whether or not a Reg.A+ offering becomes successful.

2) You have a company that promotes a great lifestyle. Lifestyle brands are great for Reg.A+ (again, see point #1 above). If you’re into any type of wearable technologies, fashion, healthy food, drinks, beer, etc., Regulation A+ is waiting for you.

3) You are a service provider with an essential product such as energy savings, home automation, and home security systems. Home automation products are an ever increasing part of our daily lives and people need to feel safe. Plus anything that can save a family (or business) money on something they have to use makes sense to raise money via Regulation A+. And when you have a happy and loyal customer, see point #1 again!

4) You’re into Real Estate. Real estate is killing it with Reg.A+ because just about every investor understands the enormous returns and potential that only real estate offers. Most investors could never dream of owning large scale real estate, but it is possible with a Regulation A+ offering. Real estate holding companies especially are seeing a huge trend with Reg.A+. The benefits of such mean that you’re going to see a large trend of these deals popping up across the board. If the numbers pencil out and you’re entity makes money from real estate of any kind, it’s not hard to find an evangelical group of happy investors as per point #1.

5) You have a Medical or BioTech Company. Anything health related is attractive to investors these days. Everyone knows someone who’s sick or needing to take advantage of new drugs, procedures, treatments, etc. from everything from Alzheimers to any form of Cancer. While a bit more risky, there is tremendous opportunity in Pharma – and should cures arise, you’re talking homerun.

6) Your company has virtual/augmented reality features. Technology and drone photography has made it possible to recreate just about anything from gaming, travel, extreme sports, tourism and real estate among so many other possibilities. Companies that develop and market these technologies make excellent candidates for Regulation A+ (and many have a great story to tell, of course starting with a solid foundation of happy customers eager and able to buy into your brand).

7) You are a private equity or venture capital group. Once reserved for high-profile accredited investors only, Regulation A+ allows just about any main street investor to get in on a good Regulation A+ offering. PE and VC funds can raise much more than a single $50 million dollars per year by using a multi-region approach, raising multiple Reg.A+ $50 million offerings in parallel, thereby allowing the entity to invest in many more opportunities than they could have imagined without the Reg.A+ option at their fingertips.

8) You are in the transportation industry. Electric cars, fuel cells, solar powered vehicles, and other products targeting “green” transportation are big Reg.A+ winners. All you have to do is point to the success of Elio Motors to realize the potential Regulation A+ offerings for companies in this market. How was Elio so successful? See point #1 above!

If you really think it over, the above list can encompass just about any established business imaginable – as long as they’ve developed the happy, loyal, and evangelical crowd. Any business that’s scalable is a candidate for a Reg.A+ offering. Reg.A+ provides the means of accessing money and the capital markets for the company and liquidity and real value to the investor. All that’s really needed is access to industry professionals that can guide you through the entire Regulation A+ process to ensure success. It’s time for your company to move forward!

Do you see your company in this list? If so, then we urge you to contact the Reg.A Funding Group for a confidential consultation on how Reg.A+ can work for you.